Ninja Kitchen System BL700

Gone are the days when one would have to purchase a number of different gadgets to simplify the tasks in the kitchen. With the advancement in technology, the manufactures are going all out to ensure that their product carries the various useful gadgets under one hood. One perfect all-in-one gadget, not only simplifies the life, but also by saves upon storage space in the kitchen streamlining it to large extent. Not only such gizmo would be cost effective but also save you from the headache of getting all things out from the cupboard for one simple recipe.

If you believe in any of the above mentioned lines, than Ninja  Kitchen System BL700
is your answer to the problems.  The ninja products have carried the tag of being the fuss free- performance oriented products, ever since they came into existence. Ninja BL700 Kitchen System carries with it’s the Ninja juicer, blender, processor, in short every gizmo one requires in the kitchen.

Powered by a rock solid 1100 watt motor, Ninja  Kitchen System BL700, has easy to operate electronic controls that are capable of producing a desired result. The 72 ounce pitcher is large enough to operate upon the large quantities of the food items and comes with a lock-in lid that prevent spilling besides offering safety to the user. Equipped with the latest in the speed technology, the system adjusts itself automatically in accordance with the ingredients being placed in the processing bowl.

The fully functional and easy to operate, system has an array of attachments for various process including whisking, dough hooking, paddling the cookie dough. The razor sharp and solid blades, manufactured using state of the art quad blade technology, that are part of the package are capable of crushing and uniform cutting of the material. Easy to clean, the blender is perfect for performing variety of functions such as crushing ice, kneading dough, processing the food, blending fruits besides many more.  The parts of the product are dishwasher safe and can be easily disassembled and re-assembled without a fuss. Further, the anti-slip gizmo has a space earmarked for cord storage.

As a user, life becomes so much easier with Ninja  Kitchen System BL700. With the tasks being performed in a jiffy, one is left with ample time to pursue the hobbies.  The versatile gizmo is not only powerful and fast, but the presence of the multi blades makes the process of mixing or blending of frozen drinks, ice cream, pizza dough and soup quite easy.

Much more than what a standard blender has to offer, the first noticeable thing in the  Ninja  Kitchen System BL700, are its blades which instead of being big are smaller, around six inch from the bottom and make a spiral formation in the centre of the blender. It’s the placement of the blades that performs the task of blending, mixing and chopping besides making perfect smoothies to the hilt.

Terming the Ninja Kitchen System BL700 as merely a blender would be unfair. The product has another picture for undertaking the mixing jobs. It has a number of different sized paddles that can be used to knead the dough, mixing the batter for cakes, bread, cup cakes and some other items to be baked.

What’s more the product comes with a recipe book that has some easy to follow instructions to whip up an delicious meal. The BPA free product has three different speed levels for the various tasks that can be performed using the gizmo such as blending, ice crushing and pulse, respectively.

However, the product does come with its own sets of drawback, which should not be overlooked on case you wish to go Ninja  Kitchen System BL700. Despite the presence of the lock-in-lid, it does not have a channel for adding ingredients while the process is on. One has to stop the motor and then add ingredient after opening he main lid. This may cause delay. Also, the blender fails to liquefy the fibrous fruits and green vegetables.

Bottom line: The product that is a dream come true is not be taken as merely as a juicer. With the presence f the 1100 watt motor, Ninja  Kitchen System BL700, is without any doubt the most powerful blender available in the market. it is perfect for those who seldom require food processor and have to perform smaller tasks involving small food quantities than the Ninja blender is the right choice.

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