Ninja BL771 MEGA Blender with Single Serve,Why drives me crazy!

Days are gone when one had to strive for cooking, serving and savoring in the kitchen. Due to the advanced technology one would have not to purchase a number of different gadgets .nowadays, people are in search of one perfect all- in- one gadget under one hood which not only helps in your kitchen but also saves upon storage space in the kitchen streamlining it to a large extent.

Than that’s it there is a solution to all your problems. Ninja Mega kitchen system ,  the update  Ninja Bl771, is the thing you are looking for. Ninja mega kitchen  is a combination of hassle free blender, juicer, food processor and dough maker which helps in blending, chopping and mixing almost everything easily in few seconds. Now you don’t have to struggle hard you will get your desired result simply sitting at home with this master kitchen system.

If you need a combination chopper, shredder, juicer, mixer, blender, snow cone maker than this is the machine for you!

It includes a 72 ounce pitcher with a lock in lid with pour spout and a 40 ounce processing bowl with lock in lid and fill spout. Their great blade technologies make it different from other kitchen systems.

If you can combine several into one it’s cost effective. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the utensils as it becomes easier with this Ninja kitchen system due to its electronic control panel with three speed pulse for controlled processing. It has been tested by many it excelled in a number of tasks. Ninja kitchen system provides professional performance and power in single serve, XL 8 cup bowl, and 72oz pitcher. The most powerful single serve blender ever- it differs with other system in the size of motor and its functionability.Its a powerful professional style, blender for delicious smoothies, juicing, food processing etc. Attachments include a whisk, dough hook, and cookie dough paddle and blade assemblies. Parts are dishwasher safe. Locking lid and its pitcher locks is a cool feature to look upon.



1) 72oz blender jar

2) Blade for 72 oz blender jar

3) Lid for 72oz blender jar

4) 64oz food processor bowl

5) Dough hook for 64 oz bowl

6) Blade for mini prep bowl to 64 oz bowl

7) Dishwasher safe parts

8) 2 single serve cups 1 blade unit for single serve cups.

9) 8 cup food processor with 3 cup bowl.

10) Food processing, nutrient complete juicing and dough making.


ninja mega kitchen system bl771 pic show

    Its power and convenience helps you lead a healthy life and rule the kitchen with this revolutionary high performing personal blender and food processing system from Ninja kitchen system.


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