Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with Single Serve


If you are a housewife, you should have a blender. Blender is a kitchen tool that is very useful for a variety of food processing purposes. Blender used to make juice, make the cake batter, smoothing the baby food, grinding spices, etc…

There are many options available in the market blender. However, from this many options, there is one that stands out in the market, namely  Ninja BL660 Professional Blender.

As a Ninja food processor,one of the best ninja products, is a combined food processor and blender. And it is certainly interesting to note that they claimed that it makes snow out of ice. One good thing with Ninja food processor is the ability to truly be broken rock hard ice, which magically turn into snowflakes perfect for frostiest, ice cold fruit drinks, and snow cones flavors. Features the best pitcher is a mixture of iced coffee, fruit, tea and other beverages such as smoothies frozen cream. Shaved ice lasts longer in the frozen fruit drinks, compared with most types of blenders.

As far as cleaning the unit goes, almost as easy as what the ad says it should. The only problem is that the splash guard equipment has little nooks and crannies that common finger can not easily get into. So do not say that you will leave them dirty last night, if it was not ready for anything that you use to blend in to set like cement in the deepest crevices of the Ninja food processor splash guards. You should immediately rinse these items right after you use it, so you will not have any problems after. The Ninja food processor might need to change the parts from time to time.

Ninja food processor primarily BL660 Ninja is one of the best professional blender that you might think of it as your choice. Ninja BL660 Professional   comes with 6 blades designed by Ninja and Technology 1000 watt powerful motor that is strong enough to make a margarita, ice crush, batter mix and blend fruits 72oz, 16oz or pitcher for all. With the touch panel operation, this blender allows you to operate it with ease. It provides speed control and pulse action 3 for processing control. The Ninja 660BL is designed such that it is quite safe to operate this blender. This blender can not be operated until you are absolutely ready to mingle your groceries.

Ninja BL660 Professional  is a great blender as their class for anyone with a need to make a quick smoothie pulp to replace food. Except it allows you to operate it with ease, this Ninja professional blender too fast. For example, to make the salsa, you only need one minute to mix things salsa in this machine. With Stainless base, BL660 has been keeping the food hygienic and stable operation complete with suction cup base. BL660 also features dishwasher safe for operating equipment and all portions.

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Customers of Amazon gave 4.7 out of 5 stars, there is one consumer who said, “The best thing I’ve bought in a long time. Really easy to make juice. I even had to convince my kids to start making juice. Also, they have become experts Smoothie. No more drinks unhealty for this family. ”

The two losses that I found in Ninja BL660, which does not affect the use of blender, the cap are a little frustrating to go down and sometimes (but have a pour spout) and the way the blender container built at the bottom of the little bits of food can get stuck in the handle. This usually happens for us in the dishwasher, and I have to flush out with water afterwards. Both are a little annoying but no big deal either.


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